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9-Hole Pop-Up Tunnel: Interactive Hide-and-Seek & Hunting Playground for Cats


Unleash the Hunt! This interactive hide-and-seek cat toy with 9 peek-a-boo holes keeps your feline friend entertained for hours. With included mouse and jingle ball toys, it satisfies their natural hunting instincts and stimulates mental agility.

Estimated delivery on 24 - 26 June, 2024
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Satisfy Your Cat’s Inner Hunter with This Fun Hide-and-Seek Toy!

Peek-a-Boo Play: This interactive cat toy features 9 holes with a hidden ball and mouse, sparking your feline friend’s curiosity and keeping them entertained for hours. It encourages natural hunting instincts, chasing, and pouncing, providing both mental and physical stimulation for a healthy and active cat.

Durable & Convenient: Made from machine-washable canvas material, this toy is easy to clean and folds up for storage when not in use. The pop-open design allows for quick setup in seconds, making playtime a breeze.

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Multiple Cat Fun: This toy is great for single or multiple cats, providing them with a fun way to interact and unleash their playful side.

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Product Information:

  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Green or Army Green
  • Category: Throwing Toys
  • Size: 11.4cm (4.49″) x 30.5cm (12.01″) x 30.5cm (12.01″)
  • Includes: 1 x Cat Toy

Order yours today and watch your cat pounce on playtime!

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Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 50 m



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